Bird Watching

North Cyprus is perfectly located in the Eastern Medditeranean, with Syria to the West, Turkey to the North and Egypt to the South – this location set up the island as a stopping off point for thousands of migrating birds. Visiting birds heading northwards during March to May, and heading south between August and October.

There are birds all year round, of which 46 species are native to the island including the Cyprus Pied Wheatear and Cyprus Warbler. Furthermore, 7 endemic sub species can be identified.


Kyrenia Mountains
The best place to watch birds in North Cyprus is in the Kyrenia Mountains, where the pine trees and cypress trees positively teem with birds. Kantara Castle, which is located in the eastern part of the land, offers a picturesque spot to observe both resident and migrant birds.

Here we will be looking for migrants, Bonelli’s Eagle, Masked Shrike, warblers, flycatchers and Blue Rock Thrush.

Karpas Penisula
Karpas penisula is a major stopping point for many migratory birds. At the far end of the Karpas peninsula, the Klidhes Islands provide refuge for sea birds.

We visit the cape at least twice, plus many other areas. We shall be looking for harriers, falcons, bee-eaters, Quail, shrikes, warblers, Wryneck, Roller, Corn Bunting, Tawny Pipit and more.