There is a lot more to this relaxing country than sightseeing and sand! 9000 years of history left a variety of customs and traditions, Legends and Stories of ancient and current times, goddesses, giants and saints behind.

The people of North Cyprus are very proud of its culture and heritage as manifested in their customs and traditions.

Turkish Cypriot identity and culture is heavily based on family ties linked to parents, siblings and relatives; ones in the neighborhood are also considered important as emphasis is given on helping those in need.

Family relations and social events such as bayrams, weddings and circumcising ceremonies are very important events within the community whereby all the families and friends gather together and celebrate the day. Sense of social solidarity is also very high. Turkish Cypriots are well-known for traditional characteristics such as their hospitality and friendliness and this is recognized throughout the world.

Cypriot culture is also reflected in the rich folk art of the island. Age-old crafts, handed down through generations are faithfully carried on to this day by skilful hands and nimble fingers, fashioning handicrafts, both decorative and useful, that would grace any home.

Turkish-Cypriot handicrafts range from practical, vibrant coloured baskets to exquisite lace which combines Venetian design with Cypriot skills. With the sound of Tavla (Backgammon), matches being played in cafes, Music and classical Folk Dancing recitals in the gorgeous ruins of Bellapais Abbey to Folk Dancing performances at Kyrenia’s Venetian harbour are just a few things that will lead to a better understanding of the island and its Culture.

Discover our unique mixture of Turkish, Cypriot, Greek and English culture aspectsand join the local revival efforts of old craft which are displayed during special festivals in a variety of locations such as the ‘Carob’, ‘Olive’ and ‘Silk’ Festival.

Enjoy the past meeting the future and old traditions being rediscovered!