Diving& Snorekling

Whilst the clear, warm water of North Cyprus are one of the best locations to dive in the world for experienced divers, it is also a superb place for the non-diver who wants to dip their head beneath the surface to see firsthand the underwater world of Jacques Cousteau, Hans and Lotte Hass.

There is a huge variety of marine life and plenty of interesting reefs and wrecks to explore. Most of the diving takes place off shore. As a special event, day trips can be arranged to dive the wreck of the Zenobia (South Cyprus), one of the top 10 dive sites of the world.

Curious what will you see in the deep blue…?

Stingrays, grouper, cuckoo, scorpions beam, amber jacks and now and then a sea turtle. The underwater terrain is furthermore an ideal place for octopus and moray eel, soft corals, amber jacks as well as treasures from ancient times can be seen.

No matter if your adventure with scuba diving has just begun or a diving suit is your second skin, we can arrange a program suitable for your needs.