Horse Riding

Ask any rider why you should ride and many would struggle to find an answer; not because there aren’t any good reasons, but because there are so many. Horse riding is not just a sport, it’s a partnership. The physical and spiritual thrill of riding and the connection that can be achieved with a horse are hard to put into words but, practically, this section features some of the most obvious reasons that we think riding is the perfect sport for so many.

The rides are led by a professional team and mainly taken in the Kyrenia Mountain range. Skirting the forest track and is supplied with picnic activities and reaching historical sights.

Choose your trek or horse ride based on your experience and interest. Pony trekking caters primarily to beginners, so you or your children don’t need experience. Long-distance trail riding requires you to trot for extended periods, which can be exhausting for a novice.

The riding holiday includes comfortable accommodation and organized catering during rides. Airport pick-up can be arranged.