Endless landscape with wide, golden beach, scintillating, multi-colored water in a warm sea and tranquility… sounds too good to be true?

Bafra and the Karpaz Peninsula with its virgin, fine sandy golden beaches is known as the Eco region of North Cyprus and referred to as the most natural part of North Cyprus.

Flora and fauna there are the richest in the whole island of Cyprus.The Peninsula is the main nesting ground for Chelonia Mydas and Caretta Caretta sea turtles in the Eastern Mediterranean. However, Karpas is not only rich in natural sites, but featuring a large number of historical and pilgrimage as well, like Apostolos Andreas Monastery, Ayias Trias Basilica and Ayios Philon Basilica Karpaz is location to be discovered and maybe stayed at for a few days. The Bafra Tourism Development Area is located just 50 km from the Karpaz Peninsula and many 5 star hotels have been invested in by investors from Turkey, some of which have already started to run their hotels.