Public Holidays

There are a few public holidays known as ‘bayrams’ in North Cyprus, some of which have been inherited from Turkey and all of which carry very significant meaning.

  • 1st January New year’s day
  • 23rd April National Sovereignty and children’s day.
  • 1st May Workers day, spring day.
  • 19th May Youth and sports day.
  • 20th July Peace and Freedom day
  • 1st August Communal resistance day.
  • 30th August Victory day.
  • 29th October Turkish republic day.
  • 15th November TRNC day

Date changes every year

  • Ramazan Bayram-End of Ramazan – 3 days.
  • Kurban Bayram-Feast of the sacrifice- 4 days.
  • Birth of the prophet Mohammed-1 day