The visitors to North Cyprus can find a wide range of consumer goods and services. Gold and silver covers most of the shops in the center of the major towns in North Cyprus. The prices are reasonable and the designs are unusual. The pieces of gold and silver are usually weighed before being sold. On the whole there are many jewelry shops to choose from, offering the pieces of different shapes, sizes and combined with colorful stones.

Such an exotic country as Cyprus couldn’t be a better shopping spot for tourists. We can guide to the traditional bazaars and bazaar shops with amazing collections of Turkish pottery, tiles, silk, cushion covers, scarves and ornaments of all descriptions cover the villages and towns in North Cyprus.

If you prefer to visit shops on the south part as well, we will definitely take you to Limassol, well known for its fur shops, and then to Lefkara where the traditional Cyprus Lefkara lace and silver products are made. Likewise, Nicosia will not disappoint you at all. We will start our shopping trip from Ledra Street, which is a major shopping thoroughfare in the city.

In addition to shopping for, pottery, handicrafts, embroidery and other local made items, visitors to Nicosia might like to take advantage of the capital’s modern commercial centers to buy such items as the latest design fashions, prescription eye wear, liqueurs and perfumes – many of which are less costly than in Europe.