Turtle Habitat Observation

North Cyprus has many ideal beaches where turtles bury their eggs in the sand to develop and hatch over summer. Two protected species, Caretta-Caretta (Loggerhead) and Chelonia Mydas (the Green Headed Turtle) dig holes as deep as one metre during the night and lay their eggs. Little babies appear between August and September.Since 1992, Marine Turtle Research group, in conjunction with the Society for the Protection of Turtles in Northern Cyprus and the Department for Environmental Protection, has been undertaking an annual survey, recording the turtle’s activity during the summer months.

The green turtle only nests in Cyprus, South-East Turkey and sometimes Israel. These fascinating creatures come ashore on the deserted beaches of North Cyprus, as Alagadi Beach and Golden Beach on Karpas Penisula, known also as the ‘Turtle Beach’.

If you would like to share that unique event, we will be more than happy to give you opportunity to be a part of it. After the sunset we will take you to the Alagadi Bay, which thereafter will be searched by specialists. Then, finally, you will be able to getting closer to the nesting place. Participating in this amazing event, will let you witness up to a hundred of fascinating petite creatures, heading from the nest down to the sea.