Weather & Climate

Ever thought of a place where you can enjoy the perfect weather all year round…?

North Cyprus enjoys typical Mediterranean climate with long, warm and dry summers from mid-May to mid-October and mild and wet winters from December through to February. The short autumn and spring periods complete the seasons of the year.

Summer in Northern Cyprus is a season of hot weather, high temperatures without a cloud in the sky, but the sea breeze makes a pleasant atmosphere in coastal areas. The temperature of the hottest months of July and August crawls to 34 °C and can even reach up to 40 °C at times.
In the interior of the island the temperature during the coldest months ranges between 7 and 15 degrees. As the relief grows higher and the temperature retreats lower, the coastal areas boast higher temperatures while the Kyrenia Mountain range has more rainfall and the temperatures are lower. Winters are mild with some rain with the very occasional quick-melting sprinkles of snow on the Kyrenia Mountain range. The whole of Cyprus enjoys high sunshine duration in all coastal areas, even in January there are generally six hours of bright sunshine throughout the day. The weather in North Cyprus provides the visitors a truly pleasant holiday no matter what time they visit within the year.

The graph to the right displays air and sea temperature on the island. However, the maximum temperature reaches up to 40 °C in the high summer.